Tap Room

Our Tap Room is a multi-purpose room used for Dance & Fitness classes, Playgroups,  Slimming World, Parties, Meetings and more.  The room has 50 chairs which we keep stacked in the corner when not in use, and access to a number of foldable 6ft tables on request.

Room Dimensions

Ceiling Height:  2.9m (9.51ft)

Room Dimensions:  

6.26m (20.53ft) - 7.56m (24.80ft)   x   10.10m (33.13ft)  

Total Area = 68.54 sqm (222.86 sq ft)

Maximum Capacity

Standing 100 people  |  Seated  68 people

This room can accommodate a maximum of 50 people seated around tables

For fitness/dance/active classes, this room can accommodate approximately 23 people.

This room has it's own accessible entrance via the fire exit (accessed from our outside play area).

This room also has it's own entrance at the front of the building, or via our main entrance into our Lobby Area.

Room Hire

All bookings are in 30 minute blocks.  The minimum booking time is 1½ hours  for a 1 hour group/class.   This is to allow  time both before and after your group for people to arrive/pay/sign-in etc and to ensure there are no  overlapping of groups.

Hire Rates

We want all activities held at our community centre to be affordable and accessible to our local community.

We offer a discounted* hire rate for groups/classes who offer a discounted rate on class fees to BCA Members.  
A typical discount offered on classes is 10% of the class fee.

Corporate Rate

One Off Bookings - £30 per hour

Regular Weekly Bookings - £25 per hour

Small Local Business Rate

One Off Bookings - £25 per hour

Weekly Bookings - £22.50 per hour

*Discounted Weekly Bookings - £20 per hour

Not for Profit Rate

Fixed Price - £15 per hour

Interested in hiring a room?  Please complete the Room Hire Enquiry Form  and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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