Room Dimensions

Ceiling Height:  2.9m (9.51ft)

Room Dimensions:   

6.28m (20.6ft) - 7.56m (24.8ft)  x  8.45m (27.7ft)

Total Area = 57.1 sqm (187.3 sqft)

Maximum Capacity

Standing 100 people  |  Seated  57 people

This room can accommodate up to 40 people seated around tables in banquet style.

In horseshoe style (ideal for children's parties) this room can accommodate up to
46 people seated.

For dance/fitness/active classes this room can accommodate up to 20 people.

This room has  it's own accessible entrance via the fire exit (accessed from the front of our building to the left of our main entrance).  

The main access to this room is through our main entrance into the lobby area.  This room is on the left hand side.


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