Behaviour Management Policy 

 Brackenwood Community Association believe that children and adults flourish best in an ordered environment in which everyone knows what is expected of them. Centre users should be free from the fear of being hurt or hindered by anyone else. We aim to work towards a situation in which centre users can develop self-discipline and self-esteem in an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement. 

 In order to achieve this we encourage staff, volunteers, centre users and groups to:

All groups and users of the centre are directly responsible for the behaviour of the children/adults in their care. If all children/adults are carefully supervised by their group leaders then they will have the security of knowing what to expect and can build up useful habits of behaviour. 

Corporal punishment (slapping, smacking, or shaking) will never be acceptable practices and should not be used. 

When children behave in unacceptable ways, the situation should be resolved by the adult/s directly responsible for that child/ren.

Should any group/centre user exhibit persistent unacceptable behaviour the Management Committee reserves the right to refuse admission and/ or cancel any future bookings. 

Brackenwood Community Association believes in promoting positive behaviour 

By praising people and acknowledging their positive actions and attitudes, we hope to ensure that people see that we value and respect them.

It is important to acknowledge that a person is feeling angry or upset and that it is the behaviour we are rejecting, not the person.

People need to develop non-aggressive strategies to enable them to stand up for themselves so that adults and children listen to them. They need to be given opportunities to release their feelings more creatively. 

People must be encouraged to recognise that bullying, fighting, hurting and racist comments are not acceptable behaviour.  We want people to recognise that certain actions are right and that others are wrong. 

By promoting good behaviour, valuing co-operation and a caring attitude we hope to ensure that everyone will develop as responsible members of society. 

Staff and the management committee will try to provide a positive role model for the centre users with regard to friendliness, care, courtesy and to offer strategies for handling conflict. 

Cancellation Policy

All bookings are subject to  our cancellations policy.

All requests for cancellations should be made in writing via email to us at BrackenwoodCA@gmail.com and acknowledged by us.

28 days or more notice = Full Refund

14-27 days notice = 50% Refund

0 - 13 days notice = No Refund

Confidentiality Policy 

Staff and volunteers should regard all information they have access to or are given as a result of their job/volunteering as being confidential unless advised otherwise. No information should be released to a third party without first seeking the agreement of the individual concerned.

Staff and Volunteers are representatives of Brackenwood Community Association and as such are expected to maintain confidentiality at all times.

The Community Association has a duty to safeguard the information contained within booking forms etc. 

Staff and volunteers should not disclose personal details (home address, telephone number etc.) to individuals but should use the Community Centre address when an address has to be given. 

Staff have the right to access their own personal records including application forms, police checks, references etc. Should you wish to see these please speak to the Chairperson. 

The adherence of the confidentiality statement will continue to be a requirement even after the cessation of employment/term of office. 

All personal information collected and held by the Community Association is covered by the Data Protection Act. The Act requires all those using or collecting the information to abide by certain key principles. 

The principles state that personal data must be: 

The Confidentiality Policy MAY be breached if it is considered a user is putting the Community Centre, Brackenwood Community Association or any other users at the Centre at risk due to their misconduct or business mismanagement. 

The Confidentiality Policy Will is breached when there is a risk or serious harm to an individual, including Child Protection issues. In the circumstance of significant risk to a child the Child Protection Officer will inform the appropriate agencies or authorities (including the Police), depending on the details of the situation. 

People booking with us using a booking form, will be asked on the form if they consent to their fee for the room hire being made eligible for gift aid, in order to do this the person concerned will be asked for their full home address and postcode. If the person consents to us claiming gift aid on their room usage fee (from then on to be known as a "room use donation") the Treasurer will need to keep these details for a period of 6 years for tax purposes, This information will be kept securely under the guidance of the Data Protection Act and the HMRC 

Everybody has the right to privacy and safety

Equal Opportunities Policy 

Brackenwood Community Association (BCA) takes great care to treat each individual as a person in their own right, with equal rights and responsibilities to any other individual, whether they are an adult or child. Discrimination has no place within the centre. Should any person believe that this policy is not being totally complied with, it is their duty to bring the matter to the attention of the management committee at the earliest opportunity. 

 The management committee and staff are committed to: 

The Community Centre is open to everyone in the community. 

New users of the centre are made aware of the Equal Opportunities Policy which is reviewed annually and as needed. 

Any discriminatory language, behaviour or remarks by children, parents or any other adults are unacceptable in Brackenwood Community Centre and will be challenged. 

Our response will aim to demonstrate support for the victim(s), to help those responsible to understand and overcome their prejudices. 

The BCA will make every effort to ensure that the time, place and conduct of meetings enable the majority of centre users to attend so that all users have an equal opportunity to be involved in and informed about the community centre. Planning for BCA meetings and events will take into account the needs of people with special educational needs and disabilities. 

Staff and Recruitment 

Brackenwood Community Association aims to ensure that individuals are recruited, selected, trained and promoted on the basis of occupational skill requirements. In this respect, the BCA will ensure that no job applicant or employee will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of age, gender, marital status, race, religion, colour, cultural or national origin or sexuality, which cannot be justified as being necessary for the safe and effective performance of their work or training. 

The BCA will strive by recruitment to ensure that staff levels reflect the community it serves. All vacancies will be advertised as widely as the budget allows. Application forms and interviews will not include questions which potentially discriminate. At interview all candidates will be asked the same questions, and members of the selection group will not introduce nor use any personal knowledge of candidates acquired outside the selection process. Candidates will be given the opportunity to discuss the reasons why they are not successful. 

 All staff are expected to co-operate with this and other policies.